Graphic & Web Designer & 2D Animator

Illustrator & Painter


Hola Design is a web site where I have gathered the graphic, web, animation and illustration works that I have done so far. 
I completed my undergraduate degree in illustration in Milan and then moved to Barcelona where I completed my Masters in Advertising... Since 2001, I have been actively involved in the field of advertising and web design and now I am continuing my career as a freelancer in Costa Rica.  I have been serving in online sales (fashion) and web design fields for many years and I have also received prizes such as (Altın Örümcek / Horizon Interactive Awards / Interactive Media Awards) both in Turkey and internationally.
It has always been a very exciting phase to think and create for my clients; while putting functionality first, reflect my own point of view and creativity to their brands. I always try to do my best to approach each brand with the sense of a boutique service, responding to the particular needs of my customers exclusively.

In this time when visual imagery is an essential part of effective advertising, if you would like us to work together to add more value to your brand…

Just give me a ‘hola’!