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every beautiful creation starts with 


Jordan Allott

Executive Producer

In Altum Productions

Merve is a fantastic designer and illustrator. We have used her work in web design, animation and various graphic design projects including creation of logos, portfolios, and more. Merve has done a great job weaving together her own unique ideas with her client’s vision. She has always been sensitive to our deadlines and often goes above and beyond to help us accomplish our goals.


Daneh Buahmad

Fashion Designer


Merve is professional, creative, able to understand my vision and thoughts and excellent at developing new ideas. Her combination of artistic skills, creative ideas and technical know-how make her a power house in this field. I have worked with her several times on different projects.

Textile Print, logo creation, graphic design and  web development. She is an absolute pleasure to work with andI will continue to do so in the future.


Hakan Malak

Real Estate Development | Investment | Advisory

Merve is an unbelievable talented graphic designer and illustrator. She loves her art and craft while she is exceptional at communicating her ideas while embracing the clients' needs. We really appreciate her output with creative designs and quick turn-around on projects. She brings high level of professionalism that is hard to match and she delivers peace of mind while working very close to her clients. Moreover, she stays abreast of the latest digital technologies and utilizes them to increase her creative capabilities. I would definitely work with Merve again and always look for opportunities to get her involved in my projects.


Emir Kaynak

Composer & DJ

We worked with Merve for my single’s covers. And the results always make me happy. She always creates a content deeply connected with your works. I hope we’ll get to work on more new projects.


Osman Tavilson

Experienced Professional

I got a privilege to work with Merve in few projects over the years and she’s always been dependable, hardworking, and always delivered tasks on time. Her great communication skill avoid delays and makes sure that the end product represents exact requirements of the projects she over takes. I would highly recommend her to any small to large size company who is looking to take their graphics and web content to the next level.


Aylin Doğan

Writer I Soul Healer 

Soul Performance

I V Platform

Merve is an amazing artist with so much creativity & understanding of other artists’ intentions. She is a very good listener & realizes deeply the purpose of one’s project. I am always pleased with her creative work & appreciate her hardworking. She is not only a graphic designer but a true companion! I highly recommend her to anyone who would prefer a geniune Co-creator for their project.


Hatice Gökçe

Fashion Designer

Kara Karga

Merve is a graphic designer who understands the people she works with and offers the best solution. But she's also an artist. We worked with her for our website and were satisfied. We can still get help when a question or support is needed, regardless of whether it's near or far. Our business friendship turned into friendship. If you are looking for a creative you want to work with, Merve is the right name with her gift and friendship.


Dr. Seda Akcakoca

Sociologist | Consultant 


I had the privilege to work with Merve during the establishment of my new consulting company. From day one, she was eager to learn more about the work that I do and my clientele. The professional, yet kind concern she had for my business development continued throughout the months to come and she never lost her enthusiasm for the project. She designed my company logo, my website, and my social media accounts and I can honestly say that on each account Merve did more than well with her technical knowledge, artistic abilities, and innovative approach. The other aspect I really enjoyed working with Merve is that I had the chance to learn a lot about designing as well! She is very sharing and she doesn’t keep her knowledge only to herself. Her main focus is to meet your demands and if you are up to it pass on the information needed to update your project whenever you need it. I applaud Merve’s passion for her profession and the gentle consideration she has for her clients’ needs.


Nick Davies-Jones

Journalist | Broadcaster, Producer | Editor

Ground Insight

Ground Insight has worked with Merve and Hola Design on a number of projects including designing and redesigning our website and promotional material. The website looks fresh and is exactly what we were looking for. Merve and Hola design have proven reliable, diligent and honest partners to Ground Insight and we will continue to use their services.      


Cem Ahat

General Manager


Merve is the designer I have been working with since the first establishment of my brand. With his broad vision and tasteful design approach, she supported the establishment of my brand and gave life to the Donipa brand. She designed Donipa's corporate identity, catalogues, advertisements, posters and flyers, also prepared our website and enabled us to exist in the digital field. I have been working with her for years. Because of her friendly and professional approach, I know that I can always consult her how I can improve my design and brands.

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