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every beautiful creation starts with 


graphic design

Print works  such as logos, corporate identity design, catalogs, flyers, advertisements, posters, billboards and invitations that I have prepared for corporate brands. 

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creative content design

Visual modification of luxury e-commerce and corporate websites, improving their interfaces at periodic intervals. Art direction, designs and animations of the creative ideas for ad campaigns.


2d animations & movies

Space and character drawings of film scripts, animations and integrating of music and voicing to the promotional videos of corporate websites and social platforms.


animated gif

The animated gif and banner work I prepared to present the banners of luxury e-commerce websites in a more impressive manner. 

merve sayar

web design

In the fast-paced and constantly changing web world; creating, editing and aesthetically improving websites tailored to the needs and objectives of corporate and e-commerce brands have always been a favourite part of web design.


social media design

Designing creative social media postings sent in specified timeframes by luxury e-commerce websites and corporate brands, and also making their adaptations for all social media outlets.



Realistic, editorial designs and  illustrations based on my imagination; you can find character designs, storyboard studies, vector and hand drawings published in the fashion and advertising sector.


newsletter design

Designing newsletters posted by luxury

e-commerce web sites and corporate brands on weekly and special occasions. Also, designing and developing newsletter templates in accordance with the corporate identity of their brands. 

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